Validation & Testing

Validation & Testing

Failure to test the system properly can be expensive to put right in the future and will certainly cause poor customer relations since they will have serious down-time while the repairs are being made. We examine your product with extreme diligence and will provide you the best possible step you need and the type of testing which needs to perform.

Don’t worry we will help you for all kind of testing which needs to be performed.

The current market scenario is no tough that clients want to contain their product engineering cost and maximize the market share. There are some challenges for this.

  • Products may have multiple versions, requiring significant effort in parallel maintenance
  • With changing business needs, the products may need to be remodeled (like product which are standalone version or offered as service like SaaS model)
  • Client would want to maximize market share with shorter launch time
  • To penetrate newer market segments, client may load their products with additional features.

We help you to overcome these challenges in a very easy way and in a very cost effective manner.

Avikna Test Coverage

Functional Testing

Evaluates the functions the application needs to perform, by comparing the expected and actual functional output based on various test cases.

Regression Testing

Identifies new errors that can occur in the program after changes are made to it. This type of testing is initiated only after a bug fix.

Performance Testing

Checks the responsiveness, throughput, reliability, and scalability of a system under a given workload before it goes live.

Stress Testing

Verifies the reaction of the application while stress situations are applied.

Smoke Testing

Ensures that the programs do not become a complete failure after the applications are assembled or after rework is completed. Tests only the most crucial functions in a product.

Sanity Testing

Tests a small portion of the website which had a minor issue. Instead of testing the entire site after correction, sanity test is used to test the portions that will be affected by the change.

Security Testing

Exposes any vulnerability in the application and ensures that the application is secure from intrusion so that data cannot be manipulated by hackers.

Usability Testing

Verifies if the site is user friendly. These are conducted to understand if the intended user is able to use the application efficiently and effectively.

SEO Testing

Verifies if a website is visible to search engine users.

Automated Testing

Repeatable tests that increases effectiveness and efficiency. Use of software to control execution of tests, comparison of actual outcomes to predicted outcomes, setting up of test preconditions, and other test control and test reporting functions.

Installation Testing

Verifies if a user will face any problem while installing the application.

DB Testing

Verifies Data is fetched based on the user action and having accurate results.

User Interface Testing

Verifies the type of interaction between the user and the application developed.

Compatibility Testing

Verifies the application maintain different environments, Mobile, Desktop, OS, Internet Browsers etc.

Mobile Application Testing

Verifies mobile applications in different mobile devices according to the user requirements.

Automated Testing

Every software development group tests its products, yet delivered software always has defects. Test engineers strive to catch them before the product is released but they always creep in and they often reappear, even with the best manual testing processes. Automated software testing is the best way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of your software testing.

  • Automated Software Testing Saves Time
  • Testing Improves Accuracy
  • Increase Test Coverage
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Re-usable test scripts

We provide you with the best in class service of automation testing framework using a wide range of tool to select from thus taking advantage of software automation.

Our Tools
  • Test Management - Test Link, Confluence, HP Quality Centre, Zephyr, Mantis
  • Defect Tracking - Jira, Redmine, Asana, Bugzilla,Trello, HP Quality Centre
  • Functional Testing - Selenium, Watir, HP Quick Test Professional
  • Security Testing - SqlMap, NetSparker, Backtrack tools, WebCruise, Scrawler
  • Performance Testing - HP Performance Tester, Jmeter, NeoLoad, ApacheBench, Fiddler, StressStimulus
  • Integration Testing- Heroku, Github, SVN, Bitbucket, VSS, Jenkins, Bamboo, CruiseControl
  • Unit Testing - PHPUnit, RUnit, JUnit, NUnit, Python Unit Test, Pearl
  • Mobile Testing - AndroidSDK, XCode Simulator, Appium, DeviceAnywhere, Robotium

Security Testing

Security is set of measures to protect an application against unforeseen actions that cause it to stop functioning or being exploited. Unforeseen actions can be either intentional or unintentional.

Why Security Testing?

Security Testing ensures that system and applications in an organization are free from any loopholes that may cause a big loss. Security testing of any system is about finding all possible loopholes and weaknesses of the system which might result into loss of information at the hands of the employees or outsiders of the Organization.

The goal of security testing is to identify the threats in the system and measure its potential vulnerabilities. It also helps in detecting all possible security risks in the system and help developers in fixing these problems through coding.

Performance Testing

Do you often get complaints from customers regarding poor performance of you product, performance testing will help you to determine various factors of your product and help identify the area which needs attention.

Software performance testing is a means of quality assurance (QA). It involves testing software applications to ensure they will perform well under their expected workload.

Features and Functionality supported by a software system is not the only concern. A software application’s performance like its response time does matter. The goal of performance testing is not to find bugs but to eliminate performance bottlenecks. Our focus of Performance testing is checking a software programs

  • Speed – Determines whether the application responds quickly
  • Scalability – Determines maximum user load the software application can handle.
  • Stability – Determines if the application is stable under varying loads.

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